Monday, September 08, 2008


Wake up: 6:19 am
Slept for: 7 hours
First thought is: Workout today. You have to workout today.
Baby is: Big, man. He is big. 16 pounds at 4 months and one week.
This is: I used to judge all babies by Scarlett—who was barely 20 pounds at a year. I didn't mean to judge, but I was doing it nonetheless. As ridiculous as it sounds, I used to think that something was wrong with babies who were so big. I'd think such waste-of-time thoughts as why are their parents feeding them so much. This and other gratuitous and completely stupid thoughts have plagued me (as they do for many people, whether or not they realize it), but I am committed to getting a handle on them. Think about how much more energy you'd have if stupid, petty, insidious thoughts didn't mar up your otherwise positive thinking. Think about how much happier you'd be if you could always just be in the positive with things and learn to effectively and easily push away and eventually vanquish all other ways of thinking. Think about that today, seriously.
Daughter is: At school. She loves it. She lives for it. Frampton comes alive.
This is: A relief—though I am adjusting to having to be out of the house at 8:10 on the dot. She's three, so we have 15 more years of the morning dash.
Man is: Trapper John. We've got a squirrel in the attic—which I guess is better than having bats in our belfry.
This is: Potentially fleeting. We'll see if the big guns are called in.
Goal for the day: Workout–done. Eat cleanly—doing-ish.
Kabbalah says: "We can always find lots of reasons to be frustrated with people. But we want to remember that everyone has their limitations, and tikun. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to be compassionate.

Today, choose one person you're really judging and find a way to share with them. Don't think about it too much. Just see if you can put the anger or whatever it is aside and do something nice."

First bananas thought: Not a bananas kind of day...yet.
Arrive at gym: Did 21-minute workout at 7:30. It's great, but things would be moving at warp speed if I could get to the gym and do 30 or so minutes of cardio.
Workout is: Not terribly intense today. I didn't go into it with focus.
Today's song is: Jolene by Dolly Parton
Best lyric is: Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I want: To go vegetarian again. Maybe. Well, I mean, I am thinking about it. I haven't been one for a good 10 years now.
I love: Fresh juices. I had a carrot, apple, ginger, parsley one today. Dreamy.
I wish: I had my own juicer—and someone to clean it.
I am totally, majorly obsessing over: Our new About TFG. I think it finally says what it should say, as a first-stop introduction to the magazine. Check it out:
Being a mom means: Paying attention—and it's so challenging. Have you tried to pay attention, to really pay attention without your mind wandering to your ever-rolling to-do list or your hands wandering to straighten something up or your eyes wandering to the television or the dust bunny about to hop through your kitchen. Phew! It ain't easy.
Being a wife means: Having someone to spell with.
Being a business owner means: Figuring out what your company can do the best.
Out of the mouths of babes: "Two kids in class were crying. They totally had meltdowns."
Today I ate: Small bagel with soy butter for breakfast (bad choice), a juice for snack, a tempeh, tomato and lettuce sandwich for lunch. Salad with grilled shrimp, a few oysters and some bread for dinner.
Today I drank: Coffee (bad choice) with milk (even worse choice) and water. Glass and a half of red wine. I should have stopped at one glass.
Work was: Hectic.
Today I learned: That's there's a difference between self-esteem and self-confidence.
I am: Going to have to figure that one out.
Tomorrow I will: Work like the dickens. I have so much work to do that sometimes I can't wrap my head around it. There's a fine line between motivating and frustrating.


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